Thursday, 28 April 2011

StageDive Malta new Blog / Site

So I was lingering on facebook and Stagedive Malta linked to their new site/blog. I was instantly surprised with the creativity of their headers and they also looked slightly familiar. Then I realised, this is Elaine's style! Elaine is one of my HND 1 Graphic students who usually works with collage and found objects and materials. I think Elaine did a great job of designing these headers and what's also interesting is that there are three different headers / background which change if you refresh the page. Click any of the below images to be directed to Stagedive Malta. 

Friday, 22 April 2011


So this semester, the HND1's Animation students got a challenging title for their animation. They will need to animate the evolution of MCAST Art & Design in under one minute. Most students are tackling it either in the form of an animated infographic, others are displaying it in the form of a fictional narrative. Either way, I would suggest to these students to have a look at 'Epipheo''s videos on youtube. Even though their videos are animated, they are largely showing statistics & information throughout a narrative and of course trying to sell whatever they have been hired for, in a fun way.

For most people when they think about animation, they think about big budget 3D films, and not necessarily animating for online marketing. I urge students who are inclined towards animation to consider this option; it could be a nice change to the quality of our local adverts.

This is from Epipheo's website: (and visit the website as well, it's as interesting as their videos)
"We are, like, the Crack Commando A-Team of the marketing world. Large and small companies call us when billboards, websites and typical videos don't work. We get hired when organizations want conversion—you know, when you actually want to change someone's mind about a product, solution or cause. We will do whatever it takes to communicate YOUR idea to the world."

Take the time to animate!

Monday, 11 April 2011

BA Digital Arts & Aljazeera Documentary

Here are some projects from the BA Fine Arts on the subject of 'Leisure' for the future.

Jenning's floating Zeppelin TV screen

George's meditative cube (yes that's him in the sea)

Jamie's vandalised Eiffel Tower

Kirsten's stadium on a roundabout, accessed only by motorised bicycles

Ryan's guide to Ultimate Pleasure

Sabrina's new transport system Poster

Sean's outdoor party

Sarah's inquisitive balcony
The projects are still unfinished; will post new screenshots once they are. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Kamy's and Daniella's movie.

This week I was also glad to see our exhibited piece at the 'Art of Silence' in a documentary on Aljazeera about censorship in Malta. This also got Ruth and I thinking about doing another piece for The Front Against Censorship. Click the image to go to the documentary; it's worth a look.