Monday, 11 April 2011

BA Digital Arts & Aljazeera Documentary

Here are some projects from the BA Fine Arts on the subject of 'Leisure' for the future.

Jenning's floating Zeppelin TV screen

George's meditative cube (yes that's him in the sea)

Jamie's vandalised Eiffel Tower

Kirsten's stadium on a roundabout, accessed only by motorised bicycles

Ryan's guide to Ultimate Pleasure

Sabrina's new transport system Poster

Sean's outdoor party

Sarah's inquisitive balcony
The projects are still unfinished; will post new screenshots once they are. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Kamy's and Daniella's movie.

This week I was also glad to see our exhibited piece at the 'Art of Silence' in a documentary on Aljazeera about censorship in Malta. This also got Ruth and I thinking about doing another piece for The Front Against Censorship. Click the image to go to the documentary; it's worth a look.


  1. Jenning's work is very interesting indeed!

    Regarding the documentary> If artists are eventually free from censorship, then which criteria will define an artist from an amateur? At which point will a person be called an artist to have the privilege to expose whatever s/he wants? I don't see pornography in art as filth, as long as its produced from real artists. ... the question will again rise - who will be the 'real' artists?

  2. I don't agree with you here. There is a clear definition between pornography and art. Pornography is purely for pleasure. Art delivers a message. I actually wrote an essay about censorship in Malta last year, here is a part which answers your question:

    Pornography's sole intent is to stimulate sexually; it is an aid to sex or masturbation.’ Erotic art on the other hand ‘is about equality between members of the opposite and same sexes.’ According to Mahon(2007), pornography is simply concerned with power and dominance, however there is much more to Erotic art, which can also be medium to shock, ‘a shocking means to express social, religious and political criticism or defy bourgeois taste.’

    To be honest, I find nothing wrong with exhibiting pornography as a work of art. If a toilet was a piece of art at one point, why not pornography? In fact, I would say exhibiting pornography as art in Malta at this particular stage, would actually be a fantastic piece of art, seeing as how the censorship issue is being tackled.

    I guess the point is; it doesn't matter if you are a real artist, or an amateur, you have every right to exhibit whatever you want, and the public has every right to not come to your exhibition, to protect the so called 'values' and 'morality'.

  3. I agree with you on this one... but you said that pornography is purely for pleasure - then you agree to exhibit pornography? I would probably promote more erotic art, cos as you said pornography is more for sexual pleasures. The difference between erotic and pornography is like the difference between nude and naked for me.

  4. Heheh it's true, excuse my schizophrenic-sounding post above. I guess what I was trying to say was that yes there is a difference between erotic art and pornography. However, I still would find no objection in exhibiting pornography IF it is delivering a particular image, such as: harsh censorship in Malta :)

  5. *high5* For some pornography will express an emotion or a feeling, for other it will not.. That word 'if' is what causes all the debate in Malta. . ;)

  6. With regards to the BA Fine Arts work. What is the unit about? What are they asked to do?

  7. The Unit was about designing for leisure in the future, so keeping in mind lack of energy, a large amount of people moving to live in cities, lack of space, different needs...